Home Wrecker

Doghouse Engineering¬†bought this kit bike from a friend that rides with us. He had assembled her and never finished with paint. When we aquired the bike we decided to add some custom features and see if we could find a buyer! A local firefighter/R&B singer purchased the bike and chose the color scheme. We tried to talk him into some different colors but he wanted this bike truly murdered out. What the customer wants, he gets! With some new handlebars, hand made foot controls, fendor supports, twisted spoke wheels, and everything painted or powdercoated black, this bike became the Home Wrecker and attracted a lot of ladies. This bike also can be seen in the local R&B star’s video and was recently sold to make room for more toys. Here’s the link to the video (1:27 in the video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeRxQvCba98