Doghouse Engineering was established on 05.05.05 by three friends who wanted to impact the motorcycle world! The endless ups and downs in the market keep Doghouse Engineering very fluid. Recently we have been doing more service work than fabrication to stay afloat, and have started to develop a very loyal customer base. Send us your bike, your project, or your idea and we will make it happen. Keep an eye out for some good things in the future as our company grows! Also, make a point to attend our annual ride, we love meeting new people, sharing stories and discovering some new bands each year! Thank you for your support!

John Lapsansky has been riding or driving just about anything with wheels since he was a kid. He grew up with dirt bikes and snowmobiles, But since the day that his father began building his first bike, John has desired to learn all that there is to know about motorcycles and the techniques to build them.

John’s enjoyment of motorized vehicles made it an easy choice to study engineering in college. John graduated from the University of Washington in 2004 with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. His main areas of focus were rapid prototyping and manufacturing.

John has finished building his first bike side by side with his father (Painful Orgasm). This bike, a long time vision in Johns head, has finally come to life. The knowledge obtained working with his dad and fabricating as many parts as possible has only encouraged John to continue with this way of life. He is the owner/operator of Doghouse Engineering.

Dave Holm developed a love of motorcycles from helping build Johns bike, and has built his first chopper! Dave recently stepped away from motorcycles to start a family, but we all hope to see him come back and make us laugh again!

Dave Graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Social Sciences with emphasis in business administration and economics in May of 2004.

Big John Lapsansky …doesn’t play well with others… -NUFF SAID!

Crazy Chris has been here since the beginning of Doghouse, but tends to fade in and out. Crazy has been around motorcycles all his life.

He learned to ride at age five, and he has never looked back. He got his start building custom cars and boats, then like the non-conformist he is, jumped ship and began working on motorcycles.

Chris is the wiring specialist (and we mean special). Other than that, Crazy drinks all the beer and Jack Daniels, and bitches about the way things are done. Being the wild one of the group he tends to get us all in trouble, but we would not trade him in for a six-pack…..wait what kind of beer are we talking about here…..Na we will keep him around for now.